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CCTV -Digital and Analogue Surveillance system,
ALARM- Burglar Alarm for Sira,
ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition system Integration
Consultant Services
Authority approvals
AMC Support and Services
Structured Cabling
Fibre Works with Splicing
Etisalat, DU Tra approvals
Wireless Technology
Data Centre Setup
AMC Support and Services
Cloud Computing
Server and Storage
Backup & Recovery
Firewall, Cyber Security
IT support and AMC
Centralized Control Panel System
Standalone Access Control System
Gate Barrier & Controller System
ANPR integrated Gate barriers
AMC Support and Services
Basically SMATV abbreviated as (Satellite Master Antenna Television) is a technology that captures satellite and terrestrial broadcasts from a central location using Dishes, LNB which are then converted to a suitable format.
Wireless Technology refers to technology that allows us to communicate without using cables or wires based on the security policies configured in Wifi network devicses. A wireless token system is a username, password pair with an expiration date and it is used for temporary access .

Frequently Asked Question

  • CCTV Services
    Analogue Camera- HD, IP Camera- Digital, ANPR(Automatic Number plate recognition) cameras
    We implement CCTV surveillance system based on Sira regulation in Dubai (previously known as DPS). We do support in supply & installations in other emirates like Sharjah, Abudhabi, Fujairah abiding the respective authority’s rules and regulations.
    We carry out ministry’s respective portal updating, account creation, preparation of drawings in CAD, SSD, SVG layouts and assist customers to procure authority approvals.
    We are authorized Sira service provider (SSP), company for Video Guard supply, installation. We co-ordinate with VideoGuard Sira department for the site verification and Sira approvals.
  • Why have an Annual Maintenance Contract for your System?

    Focus-in your line of business:

    Employing resources to look after your systems can be expensive as you might have to increase staff count and employ skilled people in domains other than your business areas. Outsourcing those services to Bab Alkhayr Systems(Baksys) is a logical alternative. Our company-wide way of pro-active approach in delivering service allow you to focus on your business and not your technology

    Security and Safety :

    It is mandatory to have an AMC for all buildings where CCTV are installed. The same is applicable for Alarm systems as well. It is always important to outsource the service of Servers, network devices, firewall to a company in the same domains expertise. This will enhance to efficiently deal with all sorts of security threats and disaster recovery scenarios.
    Maintenance of the system is very important for an effective system and it should be in good working conditions all the time. As surveillance systems, servers, firewalls, Gate barriers are working 24/7, it must be checked and do regular preventive maintenance (ppm) with timely updates and upgrades. The security cameras must be cleaned with proper field of view (FOV) settings and the recorder – NVR, DVR, Server should be properly configured and do continuous recording.
  • What are ANPR cameras?
    Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras are cameras capable of reading vehicles number plates accurately in real-time.
    Cameras detect number plates based on the emirate code, record, process and transmit signals to peripheral devices like Gate Barrier, Toll gates, Vehicle Access control.
    We have successfully implemented Server based ANPR systems, Standalone ANPR systems, Gate barrier integrated ANPR systems across UAE.

    Bab Alkhayr Systems llc efficiently deployed security systems in many buildings, Offices warehouses, banks, money exchange, jewellery shops successfully and gives prompt & continues AMC support for clients.

    We are authorized for the following activities in CCTV, Alarm
    • Security Control and Alarm Equipment Trading
    • Security and Surveillance Systems Installation and Maintenance

    Our security team has undergone training and we have exam certified professionals from one of the UAE Security regulatory government entities. This makes us eligible to carry out the activities effectively.

    As a SIRA approved CCTV installation company, we work on solutions based on the Client’s CCTV requirements for adhering to the rules based on different types of businesses. Our experts knowledge and experience on CCTV, ANPR, Alarm helps customers to get right solution and bring confidence with efficient service delivery. We help our clients to get quick approval than most of other competitors during audit and inspections.

    We have an excellent reputation in the market due to our efficient technical support. Our customers consider us the best CCTV companies in Dubai . Most of the clients are through our satisfied customers reference.

  • IT Infrastructure – Structured Cabling & Fibre Splicing
    Connecting the World…
    Professional and tidy cabling is important whether you're building a new location, Data center or revamping your existing infrastructure.. We, Bab alkhayr systems, Baksys have an expert team who does structured cabling, fibre splicing and terminations of both passive and active network components in a professional & tailored manner as per your organization’s needs.

    What is Fibre Splicing:

    Fibre optic cable splicing is the method of fusing two fibre optic cables by retaining its original characteristics. It has to be done by a splicer with a splicing machine precisely for a functioning cable with improved durability.

    We have experts in this technology with many years of experience in Professional infrastructure Structured cabling, Fibre splicing termination technologies.

    We do coordinate with ISP’s like Etisalat , DU the local TRA authorities in inspection and to attain approvals.

    We have done many prestigious projects in UAE including the complete network infrastructure integration of Dubal Mall Aquarium’s one of the largest led panels in middle east, ADNOC projects, Buildings, Shopping Malls, Warehouses and many more..

    Wireless Technology

    Wireless Technology refers to technology that allows us to communicate without using cables or wires based on the security policies configured in Wifi network devicses. A wireless token system is a username, password pair with an expiration date and it is used for temporary access . The mobile device receives a confirmation message for establishing the wireless connection based on a verification application running on the verification server.

  • What is a wireless mesh network (WMN)?
    A wireless mesh network (WMN) is a mesh network designed through the connection of multiple wireless access points (WAP) installed at each network locale. With a Single SSID, it allows Wifi devices to roam without any intervention that is quiet easy for users.

    Servers and Network Active Components


    Server virtualization is the process of allocating physical hardware into multiple virtual servers using a software. Once divided, these independent virtual servers can be used for a multitude of tasks. Each virtual server will be able to host different operating systems without any compatibility problems.

  • Cloud-Based Technologies

    What is Cloud Server?

    Cloud Servers are virtual servers running in Cloud computing environment cloud that can be accessed on demand by unlimited users.

    Cloud servers work just like physical servers and they perform similar functions like storing data and running applications.

    Cloud servers are created by using virtualization software, known as a hypervisor to allocate physical servers to multiple virtual servers. A hypervisor abstracts the server's processing power and pools the resources together, creating multiple virtual servers.

    Why do we need Cloud server?

    Cloud storage and servers gives the flexibility of data availability anywhere you are or anytime we need. It is kept in highly secured and reliable data centres of Microsoft, Amazon kind of reputed vendors which limits the expense of our local infrastructure. Live migration allows the easy movement of virtual machines between physical servers without any service disruptions. Systems can remain online during maintenance or testing of new deployments without utilizing significant power.

  • What is a firewall device?

    A Firewall is a network security device that monitors and filters incoming and outgoing network traffic based on an organization's security policies.

    Why is firewall used?

    Firewalls provide protection against Cyber attacks by protecting network, systems from malicious and unnecessary network traffic. Firewalls prevent unrated suspected softwares from accessing computer or network. Antispam, Antivirus, IPS, IDS functionalities in the firewall detects and prevents intrusions. SD-WAN is a virtualized service that connects and extends organizations network over large geographical areas. WANs use links such as multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), wireless, broadband, virtual private networks (VPNs) and the internet to give users in branch and remote offices access to corporate applications, services and resources, allowing them to work regardless of location. SD-WAN monitors the performance of WAN connections and manages traffic in an effort to optimize the connections and maintain high speeds.

    A virtual private network, or VPN, is an encrypted connection over the Internet between multiple locations. The encrypted connection helps to traverse sensitive data safely. Unauthorized access from eavesdropping on the traffic is restricted and allow users to work remotely. VPN technology is widely been used in SME and big Organization.

  • Access Control & Gate Barrier

    Access Control

    A door access control system is used for the physical security of the office and helps to restrict access only for authenticated users. Automatic door access control gives an efficient and convenient way in securing office from unauthorized intrusions. We are specialized in Control panel oriented Centralized Access control system and Standalone Access control for Door access with Biometric, Face recognition, Access cards.


    Automatic barriers are used to restrict the unauthorized entry of both people and vehicles and works as a physical security solutions that are used to control traffic in private and public areas. Parking barriers come in various boom lengths. Aprt from the usual length, it is also available for wider entry area, foldable barrier arms to fit the requirement of parking area with limited roof height.

    ANPR integrated Gate barrier

    Number plates detection cameras (ANPR) detects vehicle number plate, verify with allowed and block lists to allow or deny the vehicle entry to a parking space. Once the number is authenticated, ANPR software triggers the relay to open the gate and allows the vehicles entry. We are specialized in this technology and successfully implemented in several sites.


    Basically SMATV abbreviated as (Satellite Master Antenna Television) is a technology that captures satellite and terrestrial broadcasts from a central location using Dishes, LNB which are then converted to a suitable format. Then it distributes them to multiple receivers within a building or complex. Amplifiers boosts the signals and switches are used to multiply the connection to serve multiple points.

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